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Suzanne Mercer - Scottish Borders Female Triathlete Winner.

I was approached by RayZor to be a sponsor of their products as my event covered two of their niche markets. I had never thought of, never mind performed my event wearing sunglasses before and the RayZor selling point that convinced me was the lightweight nature of their Sunglasses. The last thing I wanted to do was to try sunglasses for the sake of trying if I was not going to perform to the same standards. I am please to say that they were true to their word and it has not affected my performance in any way. The face hugging nature of the one peice lens model wraps well around the face keeping sun, wind, insects and sunlight out of my eyes and the leg grips on the full framed models ensured no movement at all during the running stage of my event.

RayZor Sunglasses come fully recommended by me. Thanks to all at Rayzor.

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