Professional Sports Eyewear

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Graham Walker - North Down CC.

Sunglasses are an all important item in competition cycling, as they are worn all year round. In Summer to allow clear visibility in Strong sunlight and in winter to keep the elements out of your eyes.

I have tried many makes of Sunglasses and have yet to find a brand that compares to my RayZor Sunglasses. When I first received my RayZor Sunglasses, a pair of the Revo one piece lensed style, nothing jumped out at me initially that suggested that I had purhased a truly Unique Brand, but when I actually put them on, the tight close fit to the face, that kept out all sunlight, along with how light they were, made my Rayzor's the best investment in Sunglasses I have ever made. I now have multiple pairs and recommend to any cyclist, at any level, the Rayzor 1 Peice & Windshield Sunglasses as the perfect pair for Cycling.