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RayZor GunMetal Grey 2 In1 Goggle Sunglasses with a Gold Iridium Mirrored Lens.

Sandy ****
Excellent value for money, My son used these for his skiing trip as well as afterwards, highly recommend. Very quick delivery as well.

Jullain ********
Comfortable to wear under a helmet, and the attached strap meant I was happy I would not lose them when I bailed! The glasses feel tough, and the foam padding around the eye pieces should keep snow out.

In practice, they do steam up a bit, but I found that ensuring the strap is not too tight gives a little bit of airflow behind the lenses and keeps them clear in most circumstances. Coped well with bright sunlight, and the amber lens does increase contracts when the sun is overcast.

They are too small to provide much weather protection, so if you suffer from the cold, you may want bigger goggles to protect your face. No signs of damage despite landing heavily a few times.