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RayZor White Framed Goggles With an Anti Fog Blue Iridium Mirrored Vented Double Lens.


Coming from a family of skiers I got recommended to Rayzor products from my dad (a ski instructor of 40+ years experience) who had previously purchased a pair of Rayzor sun glasses. I purchased 2 pairs one for myself and a different pair for the girlfriend who was newly into skiing. For my self a experienced skier I found these products terrific. Very comfy to wear and light on the head but more importantly a very high standard of lens that I noticed no difference from my old set of Blocs that were triple the price.

For the girlfriend more poser than skier she loved them as well. Exact same lenses as my pair and for her they were very robust from all her falls and spills plus from leaving her goggles unsheathed lying about all over the place to get scratched and damaged at the first opportunity.

In summary id recommend these for any standard of skier.
 by Matthew **********