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RayZor Silver Camouflaged Framed Goggle With an Anti Fog Vented Smoked Mirrored Anti Glare Double Lens.


These goggles are surely a snowboarder's best friend! Perfect design that allows you to surf the waves of snow without being constantly blinded by the sun and the whiteness of everything around, they also have an anti-fog ventilation system that lets you see at all times.

They are also very pleasant to wear, unlike some older goggles that I had earlier, which sued to dig into my face and leave very deep marks after wearing them for several hours. The foam on these ones makes them mold to your face.
I also very much appreciated the price! Talk about affordable! They are way more expensive in the shops, a rip off! But these ones are very cheap for their quality. Another plus is that they can be worn with a helmet too. I tried both on and there was no clash, so I could feel safe while riding.
I recommend this product. Good price, great quality!
 by Danny ******