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RayZor Archery Sunglasses

All RayZor Professional Sports Sunglasses have been designed with Specific Sports in mind. RayZor Archery Sunglasses not only look good, their light weight materials make them ideal for Sports.


The RayZor Designer Revo lens not only blocks out all the harmful UV400 rays but allows for fuller clarity on the target in bright sunlight, this clearer vision allows a perfect view increasing your accuracy in bright conditions.


The RayZor Frames are all Face Hugging and ensure that no sunlight comes over the top or around the sides of the frames.


You take your stance, fit the arrow to your bow and try to aim. Unfortunately, the sun is high in the sky and you can’t quite see the target without squinting. The sun can be a continual battle for archers when concentration and a clear sight to the target are essential. When the conditions are bright, it can be harder and harder to direct your attention to the centre of the target. With our glasses, there is no need for squinting or straining. The target will be in full view even with glare or in bright sunlight.


If you wear normal sunglasses, the bottom of the frames will usually obstruct your vision in such a way that it is more advantageous to remove them. This causes a problem if the glasses have to be removed in order to shoot. The sudden return to bright light can make it tricky to focus on the target again; the eye has to struggle to compensate for the sudden increase in light.


Our sunglasses are made with the archer in mind so that they do not have to be removed in order to shoot. With low visual obstruction around the bottom of the lenses, there is no problem with leaving them on while shooting. This prevents the eye having to cope with continual changes in the amount of light hitting it, meaning that there is no shock to the vision. The archer can maintain their focus and relaxed demeanour which ensures a great shot.