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RayZor Cricket Sunglasses

The oval is beautifully manicured, the sun is high in the sky, but you can’t see a thing!


Unfortunately, perfect cricket weather makes it very difficult for cricketers to see clearly without squinting. The worst part is that as well as making it uncomfortable to see, the sun’s rays are very harmful to your eyes. Whether you play cricket professionally or for an amateur side, it makes sense to look after your vision. You never know where that next long ball is coming from; wearing cricket sunglasses means that you will never be in danger of missing it.


When playing cricket, wearing sunglasses is the smart choice for a number of reasons. The main one is the most familiar to everyone. When the sun is shining brightly, you need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. That means UVA and UVB, as both can affect your eyesight.


The last thing you need when you step out onto the cricket pitch is a headache. This can be caused by squinting from the glare of the sun, but sunglasses for cricket will protect your eyes so that you can prevent eye strain. Additionally, we can provide sunglasses that have no rims at the bottom edge of the lens, and these will give you an unrestricted field of vision.


Finally, with all those fast bowlers around, you will need something to protect yourself from faster-than-light cricket balls appearing as if from nowhere. Make sure your glasses are shatterproof and the frame is flexible to withstand collision, and you should be hitting sixes every time. 


All RayZor Professional Sports Sunglasses have been designed with Specific Sports in mind.


RayZor Cricket Sunglasses not only look good on the field of Play, their light weight materials make them ideal for Sports.


The RayZor Designer Revo lens not only blocks out all the harmful UV400 rays but allows for fuller clarity on the ball during play, in bright sunlight conditions.