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RayZor Running Sunglasses

All RayZor Professional Sports Sunglasses have been designed with Specific Sports in mind. RayZor Running Sunglasses not only look good on the open road, with their light weight materials make them ideal for Sports.


The RayZor Designer Revo lens not only blocks out all the harmful UV400 rays but allows for fuller clarity in bright sunlight, this clearer vision allows a perfect view of all potential undualtions and hazards on the road or Cross Country.


The RayZor Frames are all Face Hugging ensuring that no sunlight comes over the top or around the sides of the frames and the Sports Grips on the Legs ensures they are held tight to the head during any rigorous activities.



The freedom of running on a clear, sunny morning can’t be beaten. The miles fall away behind you, and the rush of adrenaline hits you as you reach the summit of that tough hill. You are always prepared for everything the run could throw at you. You have an excellent pair of running shoes, cool and comfortable clothes, and a frozen bag of peas back at home in case the worst happens!


The sun makes the run more enjoyable, but you have to think about the safety aspects. Not only is it important to wear sunscreen, but you should also find a good pair of glasses designed with runners in mind. The sun can damage your eyes even if you aren’t looking directly at it. Rays can bounce off surrounding vehicles, buildings, and even the ground. To prevent long-term damage to your eyes, it is important to count sunglasses as part of your essential kit.


Both UVA and UVB rays are dangerous to eyesight, and it is important to find a pair of sunglasses that protects against both of these. All our sunglasses are made with runners in mind; they are ideal for both the occasional runner and the keen professional. Our glasses are also designed to fit securely. Run-of-the-mill sunglasses can slide off your face on contact with moisture, and constant adjustments to them can spoil even the most picturesque run. Make sure you choose special running sunglasses, and none of your runs will be ruined by shoddy equipment.


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