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Reviews & Feedback

Product Reviews.

We encourage our customers to leave a product review which will allow future customers to get a feel for the quality products we offer. We are aware that not everyone is comfortable having their name published on the internet. We suggest that you amend your Surname in your account details to show as Stars (*) so that when you post your review you will not be publishing your full details. Please offer your opinions on the quality of your purchase and should you have any issue please notify us so that we can address any problems prior to posting your review.

Product Feedback.

We take on board any product feedback that we receive that recommends any improvements. We take these comment on board and we always try and implement them if they are a positive contribution to improving the quality of the products we offer.

Some of the improvements we have implemented.

. A longer strap on our Ski Goggles to make them compatible with even more makes of Ski helmets.

. Vents on our lenses on the RI220 Models to remove fogging issues.

. A Change in the lens design to allow for a more secure nose pad on the RI220 Models.

. Fleece lined foam to allow extra comfort on all our Ski Goggles.

I hope some of the above examples allows you an insight into how our customer feedback contact has been taken seriously and implemented, should you have any suggestions please email and one of our team will get back in touch with you.