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Snowboard & Ski Sunglasses

If you like the idea of skiing high in the mountains then you must make sure you always wear protective ski sunglasses. When you are up in the mountains, the increase in altitude means that the air is thinner. This makes the sun even more dangerous for your vision than normal, and in order to save your eyesight you must make sure you protect your eyes.


Too much exposure to the dangerous UVA and UVB rays can cause long-term damage. Not only are your eyes at risk from the rays shining directly from the sun, but there is also a danger from the reflected rays bouncing off the beautiful, white snow.


While slicing downhill through the snow, the wind can be biting. You can feel it on your skin, but it can be quite painful on your eyes. Sunglasses not only protect you from glare, but also from the wind and any other debris that can be picked up when you are moving fast. Not only will you be safe and comfortable while hurtling down the slope, you’ll look stylish as well with our choice of many up-to-date frames. You spend a long time choosing your outfits so that you can cut a dash on the slopes; why not spend as much thought on your sunglasses as well? We’re here to make sure it is money well spent.